Register a Photo Shoot or Filming Location

Locality, location agency, is trusted by hundreds of home owners and companies to ensure that letting film makers and photographers onto your property will be financially rewarding and as hassle free as possible. Not only is filming a good source of income, it could even increase the market value of your property if used in a successful film or programme.

Locality’s library is diversely populated from sewers to penthouses, literally any property is of interest to us but bear in mind if your premises are small it may only work for photoshoots of less than 10 people. Film crews usually consist of 30-50 people and they need areas off camera for equipment and playback monitors.

We go to great lengths to make sure you are given the best advice to feel supported throughout the whole process. It is also important for us to give guidance to minimise the impact of crews and their vehicles on your local community.

Every shoot is different, and Locality will brief you about the job at hand to check you’re happy to proceed. Enquiries are often very fast paced, and it is important that we have your up to date contact details in order check availability to the Client as soon as possible.

Clients will usually want to view the house before confirming a shoot and it is usual for several visits to take place. You will need to arrange for persons to show your property and answer any questions the crew may have about access, facilities, wifi, toilets, etc. Crews may also ask to move items around or dress the space with their own props.

You are welcome to stay in your home during the shoot and should be present to walk around with the team at the end of the day to check for any damage. It is the Client's responsibility to return the house to the condition in which they found it.

Locality will produce a comprehensive location hire licence and take a security deposit from the production company against damage or cleaning costs. Our friendly staff are always on hand to manage your concerns even out of office hours.

If you would like to register with Locality, its completely free to do so, just fill out this registration form and provide us with images of your property.

You can also download our full registration document and send that to us via email.

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Please note: Photos should be taken in landscape format only, from each corner of the room and in good daylight. We like to get a feel for the whole property so images of exteriors, all rooms including bathrooms and basements, exterior front and back, all outside spaces and any sheds/outhouses.