Locality Limited’s Terms and Conditions of Registering Property 

This Premises Owners Agreement is between the Agent and the property Owner who is registering their property with Locality Limited. 


Definitions and Interpretation 

The following words and expressions shall have the following meanings: 

Agreement    means this four-page document 

Agent            means Locality Ltd the location agency; 

Client            means the individuals, company or companies that contact Locality Ltd to find a location. 

Owner           means the legal owner of the Premises or any person nominated by the Owner to act on its behalf 

Premises      means the property as address above and areas within that property. 


The Owner 

The Owner confirms that they are the legal Owner of the Premises and do not need to seek permission from any others in regard to this Agreement. 

The Owner grants the Agent the rights to advertise, promote and hire the Premises as a potential film, photographic or event location. 

The Owner agrees that images of the Premises may be used in promotional material and will be viewed on Locality’s online database.  


The Premises 


To the best of the Owner's knowledge the Premises are in a good condition and suitable for hire as a film, photographic or event location. 

Where there is a breakdown or loss of any electricity and water facilities during the Access Period, the Owner shall use reasonable endeavours to repair and reinstate them as quickly as possible and at its own cost or be prepared to reduce the Location Hire Fee. 

The Owner is expected to allow the Client access as per the Location Hire Agreement with no unreasonable interference. 

Prior to access by the Client the Owner is expected to remove all irreplaceable items or items of personal value and store them safely. It is rare but not unknown that items are removed by a Client thinking they are props. It can be difficult to trace and return them. 

The Client must have copyright permission to show any art work shown in shot. Please inform the Client or remove imagery that the Owner does not own the copyright for. 

It is solely the responsibility of the Owner to look after any pets/animals left on the Premises. The Client or Agent cannot be expected to oversee their welfare or be held accountable for any damage the animals cause or if they go missing. 

The Agent Locality 

Locality’s upmost aim is for you, the Owner, to have a successful shoot. In order to achieve that it is important that  Locality is the point of contact between yourself and the Client throughout the whole process.   

You should not need to speak directly with the Client until they are contracted to be on your premises and all negotiations have been discussed. 

The process you should expect is: 

  • Locality will contact you if a Client is interested in your Premises. Initially this will be a quick email or call outlining the job and checking availability on certain dates. 
  • Based on the information provided Locality will negotiate fees with you and the Client. 
  • Locality will contact you to coordinate site visits (recces): there can be 3-4 recces before the shoot which can take 30-60 minutes each. You can charge for recces if you wish but it is usual practice to allow the Client at least 3 hours before asking for payment. 
  • Locality will make sure you are happy with all points raised from the recces, including access, any set preparation, parking and lighting requests. 

  • Locality will draw up a comprehensive Location Hire Licence that both the Owner and the Client will sign. All details of the shoot are within this document. 

  • Locality will gather relevant Health and Safety Risk Assessment and Method Statements from the Client. Specific health, safety and environmental concerns will be written into the contract. 

  • During the shoot Locality will phone to check that everything is running smoothly but it is the Owners responsibility to phone us immediately they have any concerns 

Locality will check that the client has appropriate insurance cover. The Owner will be indemnified by the Client against all proceedings in respect of the usage of the property, any liability for personal injury or death. 

At the end of the shoot Locality will ask you to complete a Location Sign Off Form to ensure that the Premises are clean, tidy and fully reinstated to the Owner’s satisfaction. 

Location Modifications 

It is not unusual for the Client to ask to make modifications to the Premises. These will be discussed with you in detail and you have complete authority on whether you allow them to take place. All modifications are written within the Location Hire Agreement to be signed by you. 

Damage deposit 

Locality takes a Security Deposit from the Client, this is between £500 to £5,000 or more depending upon the type of Premises and type of modifications the Client wishes to make. Locality holds the deposit unless the Owner specifically requests it. 

The Owner has 5 business days following the last day on site to declare to Locality any damage you think occurred or cleaning that is needed. In which event, the Client may want to inspect and assess the complaint, if they acknowledge responsibility, they: 

  • shall be given the opportunity to either correct the damage or make restitution in a timely manner; 

  • or the Owner gets quotes for repairs by own contractor; 

  • or Locality negotiates a fee to be paid by the Client to the Owner to cover the damages/cleaning.  


The Owner is aware that some damage claims may be subject to an insurance company investigation that may take some time to complete and Locality has no control over. 


As your Agent Locality will negotiate location hire fees on your behalf. The Owner should not discuss fees directly with the Client. 

Locality will endeavour to obtain the highest rates for the use of your Premises with careful consideration to the following: the client’s budget; the length of time on site; the type of action proposed; how many members of crew are to be present; how much inconvenience may be caused. 

The Location Hire Fee will be agreed with you prior to booking and confirmed in an email, Locality will add a 25% commission to this that is paid by the Production/Client. 

You will be paid on the first day of access or when the Client pays us whichever comes first. The Owner has no obligation to provide the Client with access to the Premises until the Location Hire Fee and Security Deposit have been paid in full to the Agent and cleared in the Agents bank account. 

Locality will invoice the Client directly. 

Locality is VAT registered. If you are VAT registered you must provide Locality with a VAT invoice before we pay you. If you are not VAT registered, we simply send you a remittance. 

Overtime fees will be discussed with you and stated within the Location Hire Agreement. 


The Client can be very protective of the information, photography and literature that is shared with the Owner. It is not unusual for you to be asked to sign a non-disclosure form supplied by the Client. 

You should not take any photographs or recordings of the Client's activities at your Premises. 

It is a breach of contract if you, the Owner release confidential information or photography on any social media or news gathering site prior to the first broadcast or showing of the imagery by the Client. 

Locality is registered with ICO thus complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 Please read our Privacy Policy.


Any photographs of your Premises taken by Locality remain the copyright of Locality and cannot be used anywhere else without permission or upon completion of an image release form which incurs a fee. 

The Owner agrees that they have permission and/or hold the copyright of any photographs they provide. Any legal fines accrued from copyright issues will be passed to the Owner for payment. 

From time to time Locality will contact you to ask if the images on our website are still relevant. If you redecorate or substantially change the look of your Premises, please contact Locality. 

Cancellation / Termination 

Locality will continue to promote and publicise the Premises until the Owner writes and requests Locality to remove their data and imagery from Locality’s website. 

Locality may at any time terminate this Agreement and may remove details of the Premises from its website without giving notice to the Owner.