LOC5087: Training centre with medical rooms for film, photoshoot and events hire (Chelmsford, Essex)

Great film friendly training centre near London. Ground floor: entrance to reception, toilets and two class/ meeting rooms which can be opened and joined in one huge space. Large double door that opens to a corridor (can be dressed as hospital ambulance arrival space). Large medical room with variety of hospital beds, bath tub, wheelchairs and hospital equipment.There is fire exit and also larger door leading to loading bay at the back of the building in this long room. Upstairs: a formal meeting room with floor to ceiling windows, staff room / reception room and an office / class room. There will be another large room (same size/ shape as the medical room, right above it) soon. Furniture and equipment in this whole building is easily movable. Outside is lots of parking and the road circling a parking island is fab for car chase and dramatic ambulance arrivals!

Electricity: Domestic Mains
Restrictions: No pyrotechnics
Parking: Plenty on site
Local council: Essex County Council