LOC3750: Contemporary family home renovated in a fusion of Scandi/Japanese and Californian design (Brixton, London).

The house was built in the 1970's and has been newly renovated in, which can best be described as, a fusion of Scandi/Japanese and Californian design. The house has an industrial feel with an exposed white brick wall, concrete floor, floor to ceiling lime washed plywood cupboards, an exposed metal beam and concrete pillar. It has an open plan living room & kitchen, one bathroom and two bedrooms. We have a front and back garden.

Electricity: Domestic Mains
Restrictions: On a narrow through road to a residential car park. It mustn't be obstructed. There are parking spaces outside it.
Parking: Parking permits available for outside house £10 each. Or pay and display for up to 4 hours.
Local council: London Borough of Lambeth