Why register your property as a film or photoshoot location?


What is a location agency? 

 Locality is trusted by hundreds of home owners and companies to ensure that letting film makers and photographers onto your property will be financially rewarding and as hassle free as possible.

We receive hundreds of enquiries a week from all types of film makers, photographers and event hire companies. Our team of expert location agents suggests appropriate properties to match production briefs.

Think of Locality as an estate agent’s for media professionals to search for premises that will inspire them and fulfil their requirements.

Matching a brief is just the start of it. There is a huge amount of information to be processed, the needs of the production to be considered alongside the practicality of the location. 

We are a full service agency. Our agents manage the process and work with the property owner and production clients from everything from the location brief to insurance, contractual agreements and security. Our aim is a successful shoot, a happy owner and a returning customer.

Our location agency work's on commission, there is no joining fee, no hidden charges. If we don’t make you money, we don’t earn money.

Why join our library?

Locality is an established location agency that puts your property in the sights of film-makers, photographers and those looking to hold an event. 

You will be in good hands. Locality has been running for over 20 years and represents many of the UK’s established businesses and portfolios. 

As one of the leading Locations Libraries in the United Kingdom, Locality has become a trusted and reliable service for Location Managers, production companies and property owners. Many industry leaders come to us first for our expertise and support.

History and experience: 

Locality has found locations for many iconic franchise films: Harry Potter, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Star Wars, Fast & Furious. 

Benefits for you and your business: 

Earning potential:

Our Fees:

As we said, we work on commission. There is no joining fee or hidden charges. Our commission is variable of the total location hire fee (exc VAT). Locality undertakes all the liaison, promotion and paperwork.  

Vacant Property: 

We know it’s difficult to fill short lease periods in between development, whilst waiting for planning permission or during rent void periods. Productions generally work on short lease periods which is perfect for filling those periods in between development or waiting for planning permission. Locality can advise you how to offset the cost of an empty property, helping you to maximise your revenue through  strong income return on short lease periods. We offer consultation regarding business rates and will always fight for the best rate possible. 

Hire periods for:

Public Relations and Marketing - Visibility and prestige:

Appearing on the big screen creates fantastic PR and Marketing opportunities for your property. Now iconic locations in film and TV become cult classics and are adored by fans. It provides your business with compelling external marketing opportunities, allowing you to present your property to thousands of potential clients. 

What services do we provide?

Industry Expertise: 

Locality specialises in premises that are challenging: power stations; water treatment works; derelict property; heavy industrial sites; restricted access; underground areas; locations with full public access; ports; schools; hospitals; supermarkets; banks; prisons; trains; nature reserves.

Locality is a member of the London Filming Partnership initiative set up by Film London. We have sat on the committees for the Guild of Location Managers and work in close association with amongst others Creative England, British Film Institute (BFI), Women in Film and Television, Location Managers Guild International (LMGI), Associated Producers Association, BECTU and The Production Guild. 

Expert Agents:

Locality agents will liaise with the production company at all times and collate information that will be discussed with your location contact for approval. They offer expert advice on fee negotiation, filming, location management and aftercare to make sure your location is returned to its original condition before the hire.

Locality agents are always on hand to guide you through the filming process, answer your questions and listen to your concerns. Our office is manned 9 to 6pm Monday to Friday and all calls answered out of hours.

Locality has low staff turnover which leads to a great rapport with our clients and property owners alike. We have a great amount of repeat custom.

It is paramount that you and the production have a positive experience and Locality's agents strive to uphold good location management.

We are a full service Location Agency, Locality will handle:

Insurance, contracts:


Locality asks for evidence of appropriate insurance and takes a small damage deposit from production in lieu of minor scrapes or cleaning needed. 


Locality’s comprehensive Location Hire Agreement provides complete protection and indemnifies you. Legally binding signed contracts between your location and the production company which details shoot timings, access, fees, overtime, what production is doing on site and how the site must be left. Our contract indemnifies you.

We protect your interests:

We aim to protect your interests. Working closely with your PR / Communications department to ensure what's being shot on site is within the realms of your ethical policy. You have complete control over how your property is shown and whether you want to be associated with our clients.

It is totally the property owners call whether you want to publicise the use of your property as a film, photo shoot or event location. 


About the film industry: whats expected of you

Generally, the procedure for location hire is that the production will want to visit the site (recce) at least twice (if not more) to decide upon the set dressing they require, how the scene is going to be lit, how the site will be facilitated.


The turnaround time is fast, at best they give us a month's notice of access but mostly it's within a week of them making their initial enquiry. Ideally, you will need to be able to allow production to recce your location within a days notice.

Timescales of shoots do vary:

What do you have to do?


The Locality team will contact you when your property is shortlisted or chosen by the customer.  

The length of the recce is dependent upon the size of your property and complexity of what is being filmed. Locality will arrange suitable times and dates with you and we can charge the production for your staff time to cover your costs. Initial visit involves one or two people to photograph the site and see if it works for their requirements. This usually takes up to an hour. 

Next a technical recce might take place which involves all heads of departments (i.e. sound, set designer, camera, lighting) usually about 10-15 people. They discuss how exactly the shot will be created. This usually takes an hour or two.

You will have to organise someone to let them in, costs of which can be passed on to the production. My team will liaise with the production at all times and collate information that will be discussed with a member of your team for approval.

Locality will then draw up a contract detailing how the production will access, what they are doing on site, how they are going to leave the site, etc. The contract is always signed by the owner or owners representative not by Locality.


Locality will be on hand throughout the day to deal with any concerns you may have.Access may be required the night before to allow catering to set up. The smallest crews can be 5 people, the largest over 50 people. We will know the amount of people expected beforehand so we can manage them safely whilst on site.

We will be in close contact with your liaison person and the production to ensure the shoot is running smoothly and on time. 

The contracts must be signed before the first day of site entry. No access to the location is permitted without a signed contract from both parties, certificate of insurance, risk assessments and full payment including damage deposit. 

During the shoot we ask you to supply a person who knows the building to be present (costs covered by production) They just need to keep an eye on the crew to ensure the parameters of the contract. If you cannot provide personnel, Locality can secure a location manager to oversee the access.

We would need to pre-approve a contract with you, complete site specific H&S RAMS and evacuation procedures, and organise a liaison person within your company to sign off the project.


Locality will send you a remittance for the location fee and staff costs. This is paid on the first day of access unless organised otherwise. If you are VAT registered we will need a VAT invoice from you before payment.