FAQs on our Location Library & Location Hire

Why Locality?

The Locality location agency is trusted by hundreds of home owners and companies to ensure that letting film makers and photographers onto your property will be as hassle free as possible.

We go to great lengths to make sure you and your neighbours will welcome back filming. We produce a comprehensive location hire licence, we take a security deposit against damage or cleaning costs and our friendly staff are always on hand to manage your concerns.

Filming is a good source of income and could even increase the market value of your property if used in a successful film or programme.

What Locality does?

When you place your property with Locality's location agency we endeavour to:

  • obtain the highest possible fees from each production. It is usual practice for preparation and strike days to be charged half the agreed daily rate
  • handle all invoicing and fee collection
  • provide a comprehensive license agreement
  • draft an inventory and condition report to ensure your property is fully returned to its original state after filming
  • coordinate site visits to your location by production companies
  • ensure the production company is aware of all necessary health and safety procedures
  • attend the location during filming to check everything is running smoothly
  • hold a deposit bond from which any damages will be deducted

How much could you earn?

Location fees vary between different types of production, from hundreds of pounds to thousands, but you can be sure that Locality will get you best possible price.

There is no charge for registering your property with Locality, however we do charge you a 20% commission on the location hire fees.

Film crews are rarely in one location for more than three days. The frequency of filming depends upon many factors but you should expect several days a year.

Is your property suitable?

All property has possibilities for filming.

From dilapidated warehouses to pristine mansions, any shape, style or period could be appropriate.

However, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Anything space smaller than 8x10ft is too small to accommodate a film crew
  • Economics of filming mean that properties located outside the greater London area are less likely to be chosen. However, if your property is unique a production may be willing to travel.
  • An average film crew need to park 5 trucks of equipment as near as possible to the location so consider whether your street is suitable. Bear in mind that even if a property, such as one in central London, isn't practical for filming it could be used for exclusive private events, product launches, etc.

Photographing your property?

If you are able to send us digital photographs please save them as jpegs.

Please remember to photograph:

  • From all four corners of a room
  • Shoot images as though you were creating a guided tour from the front door into the hallway and subsequent rooms.
  • Always remember to photograph reverse angles, that is to say both looking into and out of a room, up the stairs and down the stairs.
  • The exterior of the premises and any doorway, lift access, corridors etc.
  • If you can't photograph the room in one frame, pan the camera around building up a picture.

What is a location manager?

The location manager's responsibility is to secure a location that meets the specifications of the director and producer but one which is also able to cope with the physical and logistical requirements of a film crew.

A good location manager will:

  • notify the neighbours of the intended shoot.
  • liaise with the local authorities, police and residents associations.
  • reassure those who are affected or disturbed by the filming
  • leave the location to the satisfaction of the owner
  • ensure that your production and any others will be welcomed to that location in the future.

Data Protection

Locality is committed to the privacy and security of your personal details. The information we collect about you including name, address & phone number is stored securely and cannot be viewed by the public.

If a production company is interested in your property Locality will contact you to arrange a site visit. If your property is then chosen you can chose to either give the production company your contact details or you can stay anonymous and all negotiations go via Locality. At no time will your details be released to any third party without your consent.

Your personal details will be held securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Locality must be notified in writing should you wish for your details to be removed from our records.

Terms & Conditions

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