LOC4250: Amazing Art Deco theatre / multi art centre available for events, film, shoot location hire (Hackney, London)

Multi arts space with three separate entrances for 3 areas of the building. There is a stunning Art Deco theatre with textured walls, a modern dance club/ gig hall and a contemporary cafe/ bar with industrial kitchen. The concert hall with a bar has a capacity of 1,200 and could be easily dressed as a night club. There are several spacious toilet rooms, some cool corridors and stairs, one large cloakroom for the concert hall in the main entrance corridor, another smaller one for the theatre. One entrance is at the back of the building, ideal for shooting a club entrance without public around!

Electricity: 3-Phase Mains
Restrictions: No animals or weapons
Parking: Pay and Display, loading at the back of the building with some parking in the alley.
Local council: London Borough of Hackney