LOC2351: Seals, sand dunes, industrial backdrop, Teesmouth NNR, (Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire)

Teesmouth National Nature Reserve is set against a backdrop of heavy industry andshows how nature can adapt and thrive in the most unlikely situations. The reserve covers 350 hectares and has a rich range of habitats. It is split into two sections, North Gare, an area of dunes and grazing marsh, where fantastic displays of wildflowers can be seen during spring and summer and in the winter numbers of Lapwing and Curlew. The second section is Seal Sands, which is one of the largest areas of intertidal mudflats on England's North East Coast. Seal Sands is also home to over one hundred Harbour and Grey Sealsand is the only regular breeding colony of Harbour Seals on the North East Coast.

Electricity: None on Site
Restrictions: two areas of Special Scientific Interest
Parking: two car parks on site see map
Local council: Hartlepool Cleveland