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Modern family home richmond
Amber and Ovie on Location with Just Eat

Locality recently helped Just Eat find the perfect home for filming their latest advert.Former Love Island contestants Amber and Ovie settled into one of our stunning modern family homes to watch the latest Love Island.

The modern and exceptionally well-decorated property boasts six bedrooms and six receptions rooms. Situated in Richmond with off-street parking it makes it the ideal home for production needs.

Check out more images and information on location: 4143

See the advert and look out fo

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Finding the Right Production Office Space

Very large production offices outside of city centres can offer much more space such as this 100,00 sq ft warehouse, just 30 miles outside London. REF: 1589

When looking for production space there are some key considerations;


If the entire production is being housed in one building, consider hiring a cheaper location outside of the city centres where space costs are premium. However, if you are filming on location outside of the production office you will want to be situated close by

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Ainsdale Natural England War of the Worlds
From Mars to Merseyside. War of the Worlds in Natural England’s Ainsdale Sand Dunes.
Date: 10th December 2019
Tags: TV Drama Locations, Feature film locations

Credit: BBC & Milk Publicity

When we were approached by the BBC asking for assistance finding a rural setting for the Victorian sci-fi drama War of the Worlds, we were able to provide the perfect location to suit their needs. With a mixture of woodland, open spaces and water, the Ainsdale Sand Dunes was a natural fit.

Although there would be CGI, a lot of the effects were filmed live and required the freedom to create craters and make explosions. Working with Natural England, the fires fro

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Batman Mythos New Series

Pennyworth – The latest instalment in the Batman mythos hits UK screens in October 2019. Following a much younger iteration of everyone’s favourite butler as he makes his way through the seedy underbelly of 1950s London.

The Locality team were over-the-moon to work on the project with the production team, arranging for them to access the gloriously gritty spaces of LOC3253. These cavernous rooms, and rusted staircases are the perfect accompaniment for building tension, with deep shad

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Going Underground

Secret hidden filming locations that hide beneath the surface. Here at Locality Online we would like to share with you the locations that are undercover in Britain!

We all know what it’s like to be rushing to work in a swarm of people during our everyday routine. It is hard in that frame of mind to stop and imagine that underneath the thousands of footprints and the busy roads, lie beautiful hidden locations, steeped in history.

These underground filming locations are breath taking and a

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BBC Drama Baptiste
Date: 25th March 2019
Tags: TV Drama Locations

Locality organised filming in Co-op supermarket - Moat Sole Road, Sandwich for BBC Drama Baptiste.

For more information on how to film in Co-op supermarkets please contact a member of our team.


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Killing Eve Film Locations - UK
Date: 16th January 2019
Tags: TV Drama Locations

Locality organise ‘Safe house’ for mole Frank in BBC series Killing Eve.

After the thrilling first season of the gripping BBC series “Killing Eve,” viewers were left waiting with baited breath for a second season. We will try not to give too many spoilers away for those yet to watch what viewers got to experience, but *SPOILER ALERT* if you have had the pleasure of witnessing the gruesome murders from the cold blooded assassin Villanelle’s (Oksana), you would have

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BBC One - The Child In Time
Date: 22nd September 2017
Tags: TV Drama Locations

Who else is going to be watching the BBC’s adaptation of Ian McEwan’s The Child In Time on Sunday 24th September? Starring the one and only Benedict Cumberbatch.

One scene was filmed in a Co-op store, which we represent exclusively for filming and photographic enquiries. Sunday, 9pm, BBC One, don’t miss it.

If you would like to enquire about using a Co-op store, email us at [email protected]

Click here to find a film friendly store on our website.

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Humans Filming Locations

We’re all geared up here at Locality for the premiere of the new series Humans, which is based on the Swedish series Real Humans. The show is set in a parallel present, where you can buy your own ‘Persona Synth’ robot, to help out with daily chores and family activities.

Channel 4 have teamed up with Kudos (Broadchurch, Hustle) and AMC (Breaking Bad, Madmen) to create this eerie sci-fi drama. They have gone all out with their marketing; advertising ‘Persona Synthetics&rs

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Date: 29th January 2015
Tags: TV Drama Locations

The wait is over. Tonight sees the premiere of Fortitude on Sky Atlantic. Stanley Tucci, Christopher Eccleston, Sofie Grabol and Richard Dormer (to name a few) star in this new thriller set in an arctic town.

One of our Hackney loft apartments was used in the series. Watching the show, you can see just how versatile our film locations can be…

Email us for information and enquires at [email protected]

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Mr Selfridge Returns

At long last… Mr Selfridge is back to join us for our Sunday evenings in, and one of our beautiful houses was used as Miss Mardle’s home.

For more information or enquiries, email us at [email protected]

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Date: 21st December 2014
Tags: TV Drama Locations

We’ve helped out with a few of the locations for the fantastic Channel 4 series, Babylon!


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