Location ideas for your next Photoshoot

When it comes to finding the ideal photoshoot location, Locality can find the perfect setting to match your brief. Our extensive library and experienced agents work to turn your vision into reality.

We list three location categories to consider on your next photo-shoot.


Industrial buildings are a sought-after choice for all types of photoshoots. A modern polished warehouse conjures an image of a finished untouched product. This works well for car manufacturers as the vehicle remains pristine and unused. For the photographer, there is no concern with daylight constraints.

Large industrial warehouse
LOC3949 - Modern warehouse ideal for Vehicle Photography


A disused industrial building tends to feature multiple textures which when placed against products such as garments, create a contrast that allows the merchandise to stand out. 

We recently helped find a location for UK based footwear brand Ego. Their glossy fashionable style is polarising against the texture of exposed brick, peeling paint and exposed metal pipes. This location has the added benefit of artistic props and skylights. LOC1712

fashion photoshoot warehouse
Credit: Footwear brand EGO 



Coastal scenes, waterfall backdrops and sandy beaches evoke all the senses. For a photography shoot, using a location agency means you can have control over areas that may otherwise be crowded. In our portfolio, we have private locations to give you autonomy over your shoot, with the exception of the weather!

Private beach hire photoshoot
Private Sandy Beaches available in Devon LOC106
beach huts film and photography hire
Colourful beach huts amongst the neutral tones of the coast. LOC660


Family Home

When i-D magazine needed a family home for a photoshoot collaboration with Gucci, Locality found the perfect home for them.

The article was written as a love letter to handbags and how they transcend from mere accessories to companions in your life. A family home setting was ideal as it is often the centre of the human journey.

A Georgian townhouse was chosen for its large windows allowing plenty of natural light. Original features such as wooden floors and open fireplaces sit amongst modern decor and mid-century furniture. 

Read 'A day in the life of a Gucci Bag'.


Credit: i-D
Credit: i-D
Credit: i-D



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